The Fours Horsemen (A Percy Jackson and Olympians fanfic)

The Fours Horsemen (A Percy Jackson and Olympians fanfic)

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Kommando293 By Kommando293 Updated Oct 08, 2020

It's been a few months since Apollo finished his quest and once again was a God and everything seemed normal again. Percy and Annabeth were at college, Everyone was trying to get through Highschool and life as usual, and generally everyone were trying their best to avoid death at the hands of monsters and all.

But then, while Leo and Calypso are at the Waystation, something attack's it and then all connections to it is gone and when an investigation happens, it's found in ruins.

But then the Oracle of Delphi, Rachel, begins to speak about "Four Horsemen of untold power" and "A gate now pouring nightmares out"

For it seems like though the Doors Of Death are closed as they should be, the Gates of Hell have been opened.

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