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Split Your Soul (Drarry) (Boyxboy)

Split Your Soul (Drarry) (Boyxboy)

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Ryaki By WhisperingDeath Updated Mar 14

Often times in life, many of us get screwed over, by life itself, unfortunately. 

Constant drama between two boys who cannot help but love each other. A relationship filled with so many ups and downs, add in a few loopety loops and you could call it a rollercoaster. (An emotional one.)

Harry and Draco, side by side, friends from the start. Or so they wished. 
A lonely little blonde boy who was only ever seeking attention and approval from someone who could love him.
A small brunette, locked away from the world and shunned by his family for being a freak.

Many things have a hand in bringing them together, but can love keep them from tearing themselves apart when the world throws the force of the ocean at them?

(PSA: This fic was first started 4 years ago, so some of it is pretty cringey. Pease don't hate me :p)

Mmmmmmmm hell yes
                              I sense smut and sad depressingness which is my favourite mix
What... this isn't what I signed up for. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT
hazzastylescute hazzastylescute Oct 09, 2016
I read it as hoes and I can't stop laughing 
                              I think I ruined the moment
IIAmNotOnFiire IIAmNotOnFiire Dec 21, 2016
I read that as hoes.
                              Think I officially ruined the moment.
TyjoAndJishwasTaco TyjoAndJishwasTaco Dec 14, 2016
I shall be prepared to sing Harry Potter in 99 Seconds through this whole thing!
                              Split your soul, seven parts of a whole,  thEY'RE HOROCRUXES, IT'S DUMBLEDORE'S EEEEENNNNDDDD!!!
                              I will never be sorry for this...
-Dream-Out-Loud- -Dream-Out-Loud- Nov 06, 2016
Split your soul
                              Seven parts of a whole
                              THEYRE HORCRUXES
                              (I think I spelled that wrong.)