Infinity Blood

Infinity Blood

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SMKJ By smkj1713 Updated May 01, 2018

Infinity Blood #49 rank
Our hero always wanted one thing in his life which he sacrifices as he has a lot more people he cares for. From the moment his eyes opened to see this world, someone started plotting his life already. I'm sworned as broken syllables S-m-k-j. 

My name is Smkj. My parents were assassinated before my eyes when I was barely able to recognise them as my mom and dad. I was adopted by a nobel man Reinad until reality betrayed me to show his true self.

Reinad my godfather uses my love Vally as my weak point and sends me to accomplish a mission that risks Vally's and my life too.
I meet another devil, Vistao who scrutinizes my love.

«Will Smkj be able to save his love?»
         «Will he be completing his mission?»
                  «Will he kill Reinad who raised him?»

These queries still remains unanswered to me. Love was something momentary in my life until finally I get to know who really I am.
All the answers are inside. Bang into Infinity blood. 
Knock knock. Who's there? Boom. 
I'm the savior in infinity blood pool.
                                                                           ~  :-$|^|K√
                                                                                  S mk j