From Miss Geek to Miss Popular (Editing)

From Miss Geek to Miss Popular (Editing)

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Andrea By KittyStarrReaper Completed


Mirabelle's your average shy yet smart geek who likes to keep to herself until her friend Delilah steps in. Unlike Mirabelle, Delilah's one of the popular kids and loves to party. After she finds out that Mirabelle gets bullied everyday based on her looks, she decides to give her a huge makeover and shows her what it's like to be on top.

#387 in Teen Fiction (9/10/16)

**VERY CLICHE. It's a very old story, read at your own suspense.**

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RayBlckluck RayBlckluck May 15, 2017
Awwee I just hope he doesn't become jerk in the middle of the story..
                              He seems Nice
LenaMelianneSarr LenaMelianneSarr May 28, 2017
He's not that nice, you'll see that later i'm sure about that
QueenAirbear QueenAirbear Mar 17, 2017
She was an Inch taller than you, if she was a centimeter taller than you that would mean she was 5inches 7centimeters
Ferammimodupe Ferammimodupe Sep 23, 2017
Why is it that in stories and films,Nerds and Geeks always wear glasses
Ferammimodupe Ferammimodupe Sep 27, 2017
One thing about being old.You don't get to wear hand-me-downs
lovelylobe12 lovelylobe12 Sep 10, 2016
If she doesn't have I eye problems, why does she have to wear glasses? If she does have eye problems, state it! OMG. 
                              No offence author, but, do u even know how to make a story?