Someone Like Him

Someone Like Him

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We all have someone who is hidden in the bottom of our hearts. When we think of him, we will always feel a little pain inside, but still we can't forget about him.  I can't forget about him because he is the one who makes me know what love is, and this is our love story.


Cover by: @anomaly-
Trailer by: @novemberdreamer

©Nessa129 2014

:) i don't have that special someone, but my family and close friends learn me those things too.
I always cringe when I see the American spelling (just a flaw of mine, no offense to the writer)
mixerfanfics mixerfanfics Sep 19, 2014
I'm going to be completely honest. For some reason it makes me think of If I stay. I rarely read fiction books and this might be one of them a i read. It got me hooked one, Ill continue reading. and btw I love Lily Collins. xx
ImNeneFromStateFarm ImNeneFromStateFarm Sep 17, 2014
I was already reading your book but I never commented hmph disappointing
hiral_2410 hiral_2410 Sep 13, 2014
I love your writing soooooo much!!! The storyline , characters , everything is so fabulous!!!
hellovirgo hellovirgo Jul 24, 2014
This story sounds like a sweet book. I'm so thankful you've dedicated this part to me. :) ♥