My Mate Stole My Mom's Purse

My Mate Stole My Mom's Purse

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Robin managed to get away from her abusive father at the age of thirteen, as a result she becomes homeless. Things seemed to get worst when she befriends a little boy who moms gets killed before her very eyes; leaving Robin to take care of the three year old. Three years down the road they've perfected the art of being street kids, and live by the few rules associated with it. 

   Only steal what you need never be greedy.

   Never trust anyone but yourself.

   Always steal from the weak.(meaning people who can't catch you)

   Never get caught.

   Never look back.

   What happens when she underestimates someone? Looks like an easy purse snatching; till the boy tackles her to the ground and sparks fly from everywhere he touches. Being homeless is hard, and taking care of a six year old orphaned boy is harder. Though being a werewolfs mate is the even harder especially when your human.

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shawnelleeeeee03 shawnelleeeeee03 Dec 05, 2017
She's really pretty but I'm imagining lily Collins from the cover
this oddly reminds me of the Percy Jackson moment in the titans curse when they made a fire in the trashcan
FlufflyPonies FlufflyPonies 4 days ago
Bro I though the name was something else based be the title....
GeesusAPickleHasAGun GeesusAPickleHasAGun Dec 29, 2017
I would’ve been shook then pressed then shrugged it of called it a day went home and would’ve been glad it wasn’t my wallet 😂😂😂
Book_Nerd_20 Book_Nerd_20 May 16, 2015
Luv this book. I'm Now reading it for a second time
- - Mar 31, 2015
I don't have to outrun him (badguy) I just have to outrun you (partner)