Homecoming (Crane Diaries #1)

Homecoming (Crane Diaries #1)

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New Orleans, a city known for it's paranormal history, and the place Emma Rose Crane aka Mattie Hathaway, has come home to.

She's faced with a family she barely knows, a new city, college, all the while dealing with the loss of someone she loved. 

This is a chance for her to start over, to not be the freak foster kid who's mom tried to kill her. Here she's welcome and her abilities to see ghost isn't so freaky in New Orleans.

But can she really escape her past and be semi-normal? Even with her sister Mary and best friend Eric by her side, it's going to be a wild ride once she agrees to help out Mary's new friends investigate a "haunted" house. 

Hearst House. It's new occupants are suffering from unexplained experiences and the ghost seems to be attacking the children, leaving behind scratches and bite marks. Mattie runs into Doctor Lawrence Olivet and his team of hunters who were also invited to investigate. 

Emma's had enough hunters in her life to last a lifetime and is not thrilled to be working with them, especially Noah Winters. He's as arrogant as they come and bossy. Traits she can't stand, but she has to admit he's good at what he does.

But will her gifts and his hunting skills be enough to save the family that is currently occupying Hearst House/