My Master's Touch [Completed]

My Master's Touch [Completed]

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Tabitha By ArsenicMistress Completed

"With a swift motion he entered me and I cried out, and for the first time using "foul language" as I can recall Mama saying. I felt him in me, and slowly move to push himself deeper in. It still hurt like hell, but after he began to move a bit more I grew accustomed to him. My once cries of pain became cries of pleasure as he thrusted into me. At some point in time, that I can't recall, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. I met his thrusts automatically. I felt myself tighten around him. And then I felt great pleasure flood out of me as I climax."


     Shanti was born to be married, or more like sold to the highest bidder. All her life she has known this. At her first auction she was bought by the gorgeous and rich Andrew Knight. Andrew has made it clear to her that she is to refer to him as "Master". As her time with Andrew increases, Shanti begins to feel something she grew up with out. Love.

  • andrew
  • bdsm
  • dominant
  • master
  • shanti
  • submissive
Jamiekemp1 Jamiekemp1 Mar 23
Thought it said “ felt his harden press against my throbbing lower lip” 😂😂😂
spoiledgrl spoiledgrl Dec 31, 2017
The drench my sheets part is okay...but the with your juices part can be left out
The writing is really great. One of my favorites on Wattpad ❤️
moni__15 moni__15 Apr 08
Too much laundry, feel bad for the person who has to clean it
Think you came on too hard with the metaphors, no offence...