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Victims of Wicked Men (Complete)

Victims of Wicked Men (Complete)

351 Reads 1 Vote 42 Part Story
RogueBardMedia By RogueBardMedia Updated Jun 01, 2018

Four unlikely heroes brought together by a support group for the down trodden wage a personal war against the criminals that have wronged them. Their pains may be wildly different, but their lives are interconnected in ways they never imagined.

#91 in Gangsta woo!

This story is complete.

  • corrupt-government
  • corrupt-police
  • corruption
  • drugs
  • embezzlement
  • extortion
  • featured
  • gangs
  • gangsta
  • gunplay
  • guns
  • organized-crime
  • popsicles
  • revenge
  • street
  • urban
  • vigilante