I'm Not in the Band...But He Is

I'm Not in the Band...But He Is

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Twila James By TwilaJames Updated Jun 19, 2015

He's in a band...she's not. She's "average"...he's not. He's got an entire fandom...she could care less. He's Chace Chandler...and she's Gemma Darling.

Gemma Darling hates her name, and possibly her life too. But there's nothing she hates more than Chace Chandler...the egotistical heartthrob on the front cover of every magazine. Gemma's had enough of her mother's whining celebrity clients, and her father's temperamental actors. She's fed up with Hollywood period. And more importantly, she's fed up with the incredibly good-looking boy who showed up in her life. Boy Bands are totally cliche...

This isn't your typical "fanfiction', and I use the term loosely, but I've decided to try my hand at it. Are you coming along for a wonderful ride down the fabulous Cliche Lane? (;

Posted on 7/25/14

Woah woah woah my boi 's British ohhhhhhh he just became a thousand times cuter
cumpassed cumpassed Aug 25
If Leo DiCaprio ever cane over for dinner at my house I'd probably get arrested for sexual assault 😂
Prepproblemss Prepproblemss Jul 28, 2014
Jess is kind of annoying...but I'm already loving the dynamic between Glouis (I'm running with that now!) My only thing is he's 4 years older and she's only 17...uh oh! (;
angellover254 angellover254 Jul 26, 2014
Yup, it's official I love this story already! :D Your stories really are amazing!!!