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Spots (mxm)

Spots (mxm)

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Fear the Feels! By TheoryKierei Completed

Book one of the Shifter Series.

I had been asking my parents if we could move for the better half of my freshman year because of the other shapeshifters and humans bullying me, but when my dad suddenly dies in a car wreck on the way home from work, mom decides it's time to leave. I think she just couldn't take the constant flood of memories...everyone in our town knew my father and always offered their sympathies and stories, but they didn't understand that it hurt her more to be reminded of him, than helped. So, now we call Ridgedale California home, and while it's definitely warmer than Washington, I could only hope that the kids weren't just as 'welcoming'...

I have no idea why all these people saying they read this book from 2-10 times so I guess wish me luck  #firsttimereader
Yaoigirl09 Yaoigirl09 Apr 16
I had a friend get her ponytail cut off in the hallway at school and didn't even know it untill another friend noticed it and brought it to everyone's attention. I don't think they ever found out who did it.
Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Apr 08
I'm a mighty wolf with midnight colored fur with white and grey streaks going down my whole body with my right eye having a white patch n my left having angrey one n my tail in dipped with the middle of my tail white n the tip grey while the rest is black n yes I put a lot of thought into this
I love this story so much!This will be my second time reading it!!!!!!!!!🙂
cerenitie cerenitie Mar 27
Yeah when I was in my new school I came in the middle of the year it was the worst thing ever. like it was so awkward between the people because I didn't have any friends and I was alone and the whole time I was thinking oh my gosh why do I have to deal with this
WolfBoy_015 WolfBoy_015 Mar 29
Yoooo saaammmme...I have one over my big window rn 😂😂😂