The Bet is On (Completed☑️)

The Bet is On (Completed☑️)

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Saleheen By Saleheen1419 Completed

"The bet is on then?"

"What if I win?"

"The looser will be yours."


What would happen to the soared love of Arnav Raza Meer and Khushi Yousaf Hamdani if the family traditions go against them?

The scary thing is what would happen if Khushi Hamdani lulls her heart to forget her first love. Would she ever be able to forget the world's oddest proposal at her innocent question of 'how'?

"Aik Maheenday Baad Jab Meri Biwi Ban K Mere Bistar par Mera Intizar Kar Rahi hogi, Uss Raat Smjhaon ga k kese!" {After a month, when you would wait for me, on my bed, that night I would tell you how!} His breaths inhale her scent.

The wedding season always welcomes romance with open arms. And on weddings, the love air converts several people into couples. Stay stick to know the bet of Arnav Raza Meer and Khushi Yousaf Hamdani.


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