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SunriseDragon By SunriseDragon Updated Oct 03, 2017

When Thea Meyers was only three years old, The Fall tore apart the place that was once called America. The government shut itself off from the world, leaving all of the citizens lost, confused, and afraid. The world became one where only the strongest survive. And those who are trying to help aren't always the heroes. 

When Thea is "adopted" from a girls' home and taken to a secret facility, she becomes part of a war, a pawn in a game against time to see who will reunite the world or destroy it. 

Science has found a way to change someone's DNA and transform them into any type of creature imaginable, but only the strongest can survive the procedure. If Thea dies, nothing would change. If she lives, she could save the world.

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  • dystopia
  • fantasy
  • futuristic
  • sciencefiction
  • shapeshifting
rizell2004 rizell2004 Jun 24, 2017
found this while looking for a good read. 😁 so far it caught my attention on first chapters
Hurricanth Hurricanth Jul 15, 2016
That stupid man. He insulted the soldier, knowing fully well the consequences, and he was a single parent for his daughter? Jerk.
Idrisisthetardis Idrisisthetardis Oct 26, 2014
That is great. It's just like a movie. It flows perfectly too!