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marie. By queenturner505 Updated May 10


It was forbidden, everything to do with him, he was my kryptonite, my addiction, my obsession, he was my first and last thought, but he was off limits and I couldn't have him, even if I tried.


"I want you." He says and I choke on my gum, what did he just say? I was clearly imagining things, Bryan would never say something like that, much less speak to me.

"I want you to grab me those cups over there."He says turning around and giving me a look as I continued to choke on my gum, coughing like crazy as he smirked, stupid bastard. Apart of me wanted to believe that he knew what he was doing and cared, but the other part of me knew he just wanted the reaction,stupid B.

Contains strong language,dark humor,and mature content readers discretion is advised.


This is a work of fiction any names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the authors Imagination or are used fictitiously any resemblance to actual people living or dead,business establishments,events,or locales are entirely coincidental.

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