Anything Better

Anything Better

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N. A. Cooper By wannabeloved3 Completed

("say it", I told him as I quicken my pace.

"urg ch-ch-ch" he stuttering, fighting so he didn't say cherry.

I didn't know what came over me but I had to hear him say it. No matter what. )

April knew she had to win the game at any and all costs, i mean that is the rule. how far would she go?

Jeremy had to win even if it caused him the wrath of the mistress, his pride wouldn't let it be any other way. 

would you like to know what he does? then read on

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lilla_0p lilla_0p Oct 30, 2017
Omg she's gonna do the leg under the table🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂👌🏼
MissShadowsinger MissShadowsinger Aug 18, 2015
I'm only here when I read the mature content. Don't judge me.  Anyway, great first chapter.
wannabeloved3 wannabeloved3 Oct 30, 2014
@LolaRoxx they don't have sex while the parent is in the house just sexual activity
LolaRoxx LolaRoxx Oct 30, 2014
The storyline is ok but the context is a bit weird. I mean it'd make more sense if they were in their 20's n maybe living college campus as opposed to them being some teens that live with her parents. who has sex with their parents in the house like? That's just odd
lunner101 lunner101 Nov 10, 2013
How old are they? Just wondering. Her mom says "kids", does that mean they're still young?
SpecialBratt SpecialBratt Sep 02, 2013
Your Chapters Are Amazing and Very Detailed Which Is Great . Their Bond Is Very Funny Tho