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Destiny By DJ-Destiny Updated Feb 19, 2011

Prudence ‘Prue’ Reed is finally attending Neptune Academy, Prudence was adored at home and now she is finally allowed to look out for her self. Prudence can’t wait to start at Neptune Academy. 

When prudence gets there she already makes friends and things are looking awesome. Her roommates are Miley Santana and Elle Kingsley the popular girls at Neptune so she thinks that this will be the best school year would think so too right...wrong!

Miley and Elle’s old roommate Cherry got expelled last year and neither of them no why and they are blaming it on each other after a small incident that could have gotten them all expelled Cherry was the only one who got in any serious trouble. 

Miley and Elle keep fighting and making Prue chooses sides.

Miley begins to dislike Prue when her boyfriend Jerome begins spending too much time with Prue.

Drama. Romance. Drama.

Sunshinebby Sunshinebby Feb 21, 2011
Few errors but the plot is good. I like it (: This story has major potential.
fakeredhead fakeredhead Feb 20, 2011
Good start on the story. A few run on sentences and some things are repeated (like Miley and Jerome being together since freshman year). If its already been stated, you don't need to state it again.
AngusEcrivain AngusEcrivain Feb 19, 2011
A few grammatical errors, such as upper case where lower case should be used... but other than that, it reads pretty well :)
thelionftw thelionftw Feb 19, 2011
It's a good beginning. There's some grammar mistakes, but those can be easily fixed.  The plot seems pretty interesting too. Keep it up!
AngusEcrivain AngusEcrivain Feb 19, 2011
Not really my thing I have to say, but it is well written... just watch your tenses as @alafolie mentions below :) Keep it up!
tianajade tianajade Feb 19, 2011
A good beginning. A few grammar and punctuation errors that need fixing up. Some more description would be good to add. I like your characters names (: Good start!