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2P! Italy X Reader Lemon

2P! Italy X Reader Lemon

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Himmel By hetalialover4eva4515 Updated Jan 04, 2016

It was dark, foggy, cold, and the least you really needed, raining. Holding your coat close to your body as you held your hood over your head, you ran to a telephone. Putting in the twenty five cents needed, you dialed your big brother's number. Waiting a few moments you heard a
that sounded veeery sleepy. 
" (bro's name)! Can you come pick me up?" 
" what..? do you know what time it is..? Hell no.." 
Than he hung up. You stood there for a minute, than started cursing to the phone. Trying to call him back but recieving only a woman's voice, known as the operator. Slamming the phone back in it's rightful place, you sat against the curve. letting the rain poor down on you, thinking of ways to kill your brother.

" Excuse'a me?" 
You heard a voice, quickly turning your head to see a hooded man looking down at you. 
" Why'a are you'a just sitting'a there...?" 
" Oh! uh...just..feeling the rain is all...why?" 
The man came and sat next to you, pulling his hood just a bit so h...

tsprigz tsprigz 5 days ago
Ok, learned it wasn't child porn after I read chapter 2. Tho 16 is a biiit young
Furrbaby Furrbaby Sep 13, 2016
I'm not the kind of person to just do that after meeting the person, but in this case i will let it slide...
I meant to say hearing this but then pick up just so you know
I can just imagine Flavio in the background just doing his thing with the whole fashionista type deal and it's only caribou I wonder what his face look like! XD  P.S. Flavio is the 2p variation of Romano
SecretAsianGurl SecretAsianGurl Jul 26, 2016
I'm concerned
                              bambina is the female term for child in Italian
                              CON C E RN E D
so are we are not a virgin in this story? 
                              guess I lost it too another anime character XD