The Succubus in a Black Hat (The Succubus in a Red Dress Series Book #3)

The Succubus in a Black Hat (The Succubus in a Red Dress Series Book #3)

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Daniel Garcia By ddgbooks Completed

Things are finally going well for the Succubus Queen of New York; her love life with a demon hunter has reached the next level, a movie is actually being made from the script she wrote and her kingdom is vampire-free, and surprisingly lacking in paranormal mischief. But now, someone is killing members of the Council ... and her long-lost sister she has shown up to paint the town red. Even worse, the only one who can help her save the day just might be her boyfriend's total witch of a mother, if they don't kill each other first.

And when one of her friends gets separated from the group, she finds that she'll move Heaven and Hell to get home again.

Even if Delilah survives her adventures this time, life may never be the same.

That moment when you were legit crying about Clo's death in the last book and now you're screaming because she's still alive. Can't keep a good Succubus down, can you?
RenfredSo RenfredSo Aug 24
Is chloe written as a grey character? Or am I just reading this wrong?
I'm so happy she's at least alive but is she not a succumbi anymore?
RenfredSo RenfredSo Aug 22
Am I correct in assessing that the vampire world and the succubus Kingdom is basically the textbook example of a circular firing squad, while the elves and werewolves are generally well run and more or less functional?
Honey don't be, Chloe is my fav character 
                              It's amazing to know she actually did
So Chloe is in underworld of succubus in las vegas they were talking about in last chapter..