Me, Myself and Him

Me, Myself and Him

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lyynn_n By lyynn_n Updated May 26, 2019

Verónica Sanchez Zambrano is a beautiful young woman with a good social position, who is constantly manipulated by her mother, Amalia, who only cares about social appearances and wealth. Her father, Ernesto is a retired admiral with a severe heart conditon. Due to that he is unable to fend for his family like he used to. Verónica becomes the solution to the financial problems her family now faces, as her mother tries to marry her to the son of one of the most influential families in their town. Little did her family know that Verónica fancies herself in love with another. Daniel, however, feels that his relationship with Veronica will never be approved. He knows deep down that the Sanchez Zambrano family will never accept him because he does not have a promising future to share with her.

In a nearby ranch, Martin Almonte, a farmhand with a desire to excel in everything, finds out that his father is a cruel, powerful and wealthy man who on his deathbed, revealed his identity and changed his will, naming Martin his sole heir. 
Martin, however, does not receive this news well. He runs off to clear his mind and coincidentally runs into Verónica. He immediately falls in love with her and tries pursuing her.

Verónica's perception of Daniel changes when he is accused of murder. He later reappears to prove the truth about the injustice he suffered and that he really loves her. He is however too late since Veronica agreed to marry Martin in order to save her family from financial ruin. 

The destiny of these three will make them coincide and share feelings among themselves such as love, friendship, passion, contempt and resentment; due to secrets, betrayals as well as hatred provoked by the ambition and greed of those around them.

**Inspiration from the mexican series, LO QUE LA VIDA ME ROBO**