enchantement - SOULBOND || SS/HG

enchantement - SOULBOND || SS/HG

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The Silver Phoenix By PhoenixLex Updated Apr 17

"They say that loves has no limits, no barriers. Someone I cherish used to say that our love will conquer time or death. Yet here I stand Professor Snape, in front of you, and the passion that once bore these noble obsidian eyes as they lay on me, exists no more. I yarn every day for your touch, the way your rough finger traced my naked body right after we made love to each other, or your lips, those same lips that swore to love and protect me until death do us part. You are a man of your words Severus, even in the future. Yet why does it seem that all I want right now is to grab onto a man who doesn't even remember us, and never let go?"

SS/HG pairing

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-mature content, smut, etc.

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So i typically dont do this type of fanfiction. Snape-Hermione, and i typically dont do how lovey this is. I lean more towards stoney in love Snape. Lol. But oddly enough i think i may read this. Theirs something about your writing that is drawing me in. So coodose to that. Good job. ^^
There were tears rolling down my face whilst I was reading this! Amazingly beautiful chapter!