Oblivion (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfiction) [3]

Oblivion (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfiction) [3]

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{ alyssa } By _hogwartian_ Completed

"Into the mouth of oblivion I step. The sound echoing; like the beat of my heart. No turning back now, no room for regret. Each step, each length, closer to the dark. And yet for some reason a spark it ignites."      

The town of Beacon Hills is never exactly quiet. There is always something out there pushing against the goodness to penetrate into the lives of people who didn't get a choice. Emma Brisbane, her boyfriend, Stiles Stilinski, and the rest of her friends have battled through psychotic werewolves, a giant homicidal lizard, and people trying to get in their way. Now, everyone is going to be tested. There will be strife, and chaos, and utter destruction.     

Yet, everyone will come to find that the biggest enemy isn't necessarily the one bearing it's claws.      

 The one they need to watch out for, is themselves.       

Based on Season 3 of Teen Wolf.    

**Book 3 to my trilogy. Check out the first two if you haven't already!**
Chasing the Moon [Book 1] The Rising Sun [Book 2] Oblivion [Book 3]

My name is Alyssa too:) and this is a trilogy? so I have to read the other two books to understand the plot in this one?
I'm so sorry sending prayers to you , your family and your town even if this was a couple years ago
Where is a good place to watch teen wolf like Netflix but Netflix doesn't have it does Hulu?
To anyone about to read this book just know, this book fućked me all the way up. I still feel heavy emotions about it to this day and i read it like 2 years ago. But at the same time, even though this book still kills me to this day, it was probably one of the best things i have ever read.
candy05250 candy05250 Jan 27
That would have been nice in the last chapter of the first book my feels are already messed up so thats to late cx