Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child

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Elizabeth Grey By arsenic_ Updated Sep 29

In the feverish heat of 1929, Beatrice Grace was involved in a tragic incident- a drowning by the lake where she spent her childhood.  As one of the few who had seen Evelyn Young in her last moments, she became trapped in a web of whispers, secrets and half-truths, compelling her to escape her small town. 

When Beatrice returns to Winthrop's Hollow in 1933, accompanied by the frigid chill of both the weather and her former friends, the murmurs still haven't died. Her sudden reappearance takes everyone by surprise and suspicions start to resurface. It all makes Beatrice wonder. 

Is it just a series of coincidences or is she really cursed?

Featured September 2017 [#46 Historical Fiction ] [#132 Mystery/ Thriller ] 

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JustCurious13 JustCurious13 Sep 26, 2014
That is a pretty great playlist! (Hurrah for "Robbers" by The 1975!!)
- - Aug 29, 2014
This playlist is fantastic, I love loads of these songs and artists. Your taste is wicked and I would read the book purely based on this playlist.
symptomatic_ symptomatic_ Aug 22, 2014
amazing playlist, i actually love all of those songs... weird... your cover is brilliant by the way
bethgatsby bethgatsby Aug 06, 2014
AGH a great playlist, the 1920's, mystery, and an absolutely stunning cover?
                              i havent even read the first chapter yet and i already love with this story