Fallen Angel 🔒♡BxB♡

Fallen Angel 🔒♡BxB♡

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Izzy By IzzySaysHaii Completed

"You smile, but I can see you wanna cry. You talk, but the least you say, the better. You pretend like you are happy, but you aren't." he whispers beside me as he plays with his shoelaces while crossed legged on the cold ground beside me. I don't reply and let the cold wind around us warm me from the inside-out.

"I have noticed it all from the first time I came across you that night." I glance at him looking into his pretty glossy hazel eyes and back down at my hands. 

"Your eyes are beautiful but I can see the emptiness inside you. That beautiful smile of yours is broken as well." I still don't say a word letting the freezing breeze around us cover us.

"I see you. You don't have to hide from me. I want to be there for you and help you. Let me, please." He says stretching his arm his hand about to touch mine making me flinch back.

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