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Amanda Traft By AmandaTraft Updated 2 months ago
Love knows no bounds. Can love heal the scars of the past. Melissa has been though so much in her life, her past is marked in red. Can a group of men heal her heart and make her whole again or will her past be to much making her run to protect the people she loves.
Love it! If you need someone to edit it, I have to much free time and a passion for editing!
shes a little too easy u just got kidnapped and you're showering like it's normal???
Yes I finally found this book. I started reading last yr but then somehow all my books got deleted and I could never remember the name of the book but I always remembered the storyline. Now here I am at 4:00am in the morning reading the book. I am sooooo happy. Btw I LOVE the book.
I like the concept but I think it needs some serious editing. Still interesting though.
WHY. You now update???? Update soon I love this story I reread it all the time
what did she see when she walked out of the bathroom????? that made her laugh i wonder