Why Hello Mr. Nerd (HOLD)

Why Hello Mr. Nerd (HOLD)

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skie. By lovelybones- Updated Aug 15, 2014

"I-I've never kissed a g-girl."

"So you're saying you've kissed a boy?" I tease tangling my fingers in the baby-haired curls on the nape of his neck. 

He looks down slightly and I can see the blush forming and creeping up his neck."N-no. I haven't... I haven't kissed anyone before." He admits shyly freezing in place when my teeth graze his neck ever-so-gently and I feel him shiver underneath me. I smirked slightly knowing that I was having some sort of effect no matter how minuscule it was.

"Let's change that."

I never thought I'd really fall. Never like the naive, stupid girls in the sappy romance movies. I believed that we become infatuated, never really love. In fact I was against love. I was against stereotypical high school. I was against anyone who followed the unwritten rules of a 'normal' life. The 'rules' being     
1. The boy always had to make the first move.    
2. Drinking was 'unhealthy'    
3. Brains and beauty don't mix.     
And I was so far against it and my pride was so important that I took on a dare at some shitty party.     
Never did I think the dare would affect me so much.      
But you never know.  
There might not be such a big difference between me and the math nerd.   
 -Your Resident BadGirl                          

I_love_puppies_xox I_love_puppies_xox Mar 11, 2016
Heh, tell me about it the day that just wastes half of our lives 😳
memequeensavage memequeensavage Jan 24, 2016
Shes gonna break his heart I can feel it  like he will find out why she asked him out and he will get hurt (I think to much lol) :(