Locked Up {boyxboyxboy}

Locked Up {boyxboyxboy}

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Teagan Roze By Teagan_Roze Updated Mar 28, 2016

Remember when parents would say, "When you make a choice deal with the consequences?"

Well, Noah did.

Noah Druitt is the young prince of Druitt.

His family are professional assassins; and while his brother is the heir, he's still pretty damn important.

One choice leads him to an inescapable jail.

However,  love also seems to find him.

Not just one, but 2 loves.

Little by little shit happens as they try to escape.

Will their love prosper or will everything they go through destroy them?

~A little cliche summary, I know. I suck at them. Now, this is rated R, the smut will be crazy, and I hope you like it. Leave if your not one for boyxboyxboy action. Also, don't leave your opinion if you don't like gayness. What's your reason to even be all up in my story? I do accept criticism though, good or bad.

~Used to be called Locked Up Lovers now it's just Locked Up

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ZaraChan19 ZaraChan19 May 06
The guy in the bottom looks like Chris Evans.  😍😍😍😍....
GamzeeFuckingMakara GamzeeFuckingMakara Nov 26, 2016
Im thinking of black Butler cuz Lord druitt and Alois trancy
TiluilaihZhuravlev TiluilaihZhuravlev Jun 01, 2016
Oh. Gay parents. I was confused at first because he kept saying HE i thought you meant she.
ToxicPanda876 ToxicPanda876 Jul 02, 2016
I didn't know Noah and his assassin family joined the circus
Teagan_Roze Teagan_Roze Oct 25, 2015
Thank you. That's means a lot. You sound just like my own mom.
ChloeKing435 ChloeKing435 Jun 27, 2015
I think this is meant to be 'hell no Noah!' but I'm liking it so far and I just started