Royal Temptations

Royal Temptations

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Junmyeon thought he knew exactly how his life would play out. At sixteen he was being groomed to take the throne from his father in the future. He was meeting other young royalty in hopes of finding his companion in life. That was, of course, before Korea's peace treaty with China. Enter Zhang Yixing, who seems to turn his world on its head, and Junmyeon's not sure how to handle it.

Yixing always believed he'd grow up, marry a young, beautiful girl, and run the country of China with no problems whatsoever. At least, that was the plan. Until his parents made amends with Korea, and Yixing is forced to fly there for a party and stay for a few weeks of "cultural lessons." As he learns the ways of Korea, he also realizes he has a lot in common with the Prince from across the sea, and all the warning signs are screaming it's a no go.

But against their better judgement, a friendship forms, and from there, I guess as they'd say, the rest is history.


For creativity's sake... No spoils! (long running joke in the history of this story's existence lol).

Also cover photo credits to the lovely bcdwolf. They're the best.

Now complete! Oh my Lord.

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