My Alpha Mates (completed)

My Alpha Mates (completed)

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He extended out his hand to grab me but this time I shoved his hand away from me forcefully. "Don't you dare touch me!" I screamed at him.

"How dare you talk to us like that!" Jackson yelled behind Jake. "We are the alphas, you submit to us. We own you! We tell you what to do and what not to do. We have every right to touch you however and whenever we feel like it. You are our mate so you can serve us so I'd watch your mouth!" 


Clara a 17 year old orphan rogue finds out her mates are alphas of the blood moon pack. Her mates Jackson and Jake are possessive and controlling, everything Clara was afraid her mate would be. 

Clara must cope with leaving behind the other orphan rouges she has raised in a camp and living with her mates along with learn to live it's two control freak mates. Will Clara be broken by her mates or will she brake them first.

Warning this is a mature story with mature content.

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