Liam Payne One-Shot for Nikki!

Liam Payne One-Shot for Nikki!

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Sydney By SydneyB61398 Updated May 14, 2012

**Liam's POV**

I shuffled along the street, perplexed by Harry's sudden mood swings. He had been confused lately about Caroline. She had told him that she still loved him. But she never said that she was in love with him. And that's what scared me, because Harry didn't recognize that loving him and being in love with him were two different things. I continued to drag my feet on the pavement, smelling coffee, pastries and sugar. I glanced up to see a small shop with "Dulce De Nikki" Written in pink cursive on the sign above the door. I ducked into the warm store and got in line.

There was a woman in front of me. She ordered a hot chocolate and a piece of lemon cake. Yum.

"Hello, welcome to Dulce De Nikki. What can I get you?" I tapped my chin for a second, looking over the back menu boards.

"How about a hot chocolate and... A blueberry muffin?" She nodded and set to getting my order.

"That'll be five sixty-seven." She smiled and handed me a bag and a steaming cup.

"Here you go." I...

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