bts outcast

bts outcast

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honey By army_155 Completed

the horror au made by an army which trended  #1 worldwide on twitter

this story is made by @flirtaus
I don't own it the au 

Have a nice night-day everyone

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KathlleenKooper KathlleenKooper 4 days ago
I am not Muslim but I really want to learn how to read write and speak he beautiful language
jamlessjammer jamlessjammer 2 days ago
i google  translated that and was confused for a sec until i read the authors note haha i thought i clicked something wrong im glad i didnt and im also proud of the author in being so open with her religion  and who she is i only wish i could do the same
Millllllli Millllllli a day ago
I'm a Muslim myself and I know how to write Arabic but I don't speak it. SO SAD!
When you don't understan anything they say: 😭😭😭😭😭
r u muslim? i saw the alhamdulillah at the end and was wondering.
ParkSera1918 ParkSera1918 7 days ago
I always swore but , i'll try ma best to overcome any angerness or happiness swears😂😂😂