stalked, harassed, abused, and loved

stalked, harassed, abused, and loved

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"BROOKLYN OPEN THIS DOOR! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT HAVING IT LOCKED BITCH!?" I hear my mom shout over the pounding on my door, I jump up and open the door quickly. She grabs my face with one hand, squeezing it tightly pushing me back towards the wall.

"This is MY house, do as I say," she yells in my face then smacks me. My heart skips a beat, whenever she hits me it usually does. I blink back the tears. She squeezes my face once again but a little harder and throws me to the ground then walks out of my room, slamming my door.

I sit up, I take a deep choppy breath. I bring my knees to my chest and close my eyes, making sure the tears don't fall

My breath continues to be choppy for 10 minutes. I open my eyes when my breathing becomes normal, I look over to my clock: 4:30am it reads. I stand up quietly, walk over to my closet and open it slowly so it won't make much of a noise. I grab white jeans, a grey and white hoodie and my grey converse. 

I quietly open my door and hurry to the bathr...

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