Kuroshidrago: The Karrucci Affairs (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)

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There Is No Nane By thedragongoddess Updated 3 years ago
I? I am a monument to all your sins. This is not your grave, but you are welcome in it.
    Ciel Phantomhive made a pact with the demon Sebastian. The deal: reclaim his rightful place on the dragon throne in trade of half his soul. On his ventures he meets Ashuton Karrucci, the god of Dragons; Alois Trancy, the strange Targaryen-Lannister; Narcissus Cartwright, a girl from Vaes Dothrak. Together they venture to King's Crossing to end the deathly Game of Thrones. (First ever pairing of Game of Thrones and Kuroshitsuji, I thank all my fans and supporters!!! Thank you for reading!)
I like it!! Its really good