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Alexander Gordon Smith By AGSmith_Author Completed

A few years back I was walking through the park with a heavy cold, swallowing massive mouthfuls of phlegm (as you do). It was really gross, and I suddenly found myself thinking about an awful scenario where the only food left in the world was snot. Of course I decided to write a story about it. So here, in all its disgusting glory, is SNOT. Just a warning, it's pretty gross. I mean, so gross that it's the only story of mine my sister has never been able to read, and she's a hardcore horror fan. :-)

SNOT. Since the great famine, it's the only thing on the menu. Packed with everything you need to survive, snot is the ultimate food source. Unless you can produce your own then you're forced to suck up somebody else's, or dine on cow snot from the canteen. Pete is a drythroat, unable to make his own meals, but when some of the best snotters in his school start disappearing, he realises that he has bigger problems to deal with.

Did I warn you it was gross?

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