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Sucked In[EDITING]

Sucked In[EDITING]

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Geeky By TheAnimeGeekGirl Completed

So I was watching Naruto while I was getting ready for my mom's buissness dinner when I kinda... Well I tripped okay! Geez, I know I'm a clutz! It's not funny, your just as reckless as me, Naruto! Anywho! I somehow get transferred into the Naruto World by tripped and falling not on my tv, but into my tv. While Naruto was on. Yeah. I think you get my problem now. So appearantly, when I fall asleep, I go from the Naruto World then back into my own world and vice versa and all that jazz. I curse at Kakashi and plot Sakura's death many, many time- Ow! Kakashi! Stop! Get off my case, old man! *rolls eyes* So, when I go into the Naruto World, a bunch of crazy crap happens. Gottah go! Kakashi's starting to giggle while reading again. KAKASHI WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU?! THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE!*camera falls* N-AHH! KAKASHI!*static*

Ohayo! ^~^ Rated more PG-14 due to some pervy and sexual themes, gore, violence(of course) and cursing. I make the disclaimer now. I DONT OWN NARUTO!(I wish)

Can I like make the blonde streaks into orangey color...? Just for my imagination...?
DoesJuminHanIsGayyy DoesJuminHanIsGayyy Dec 29, 2016
Oh that's my hair colour too 
                              ☆〜(ゝ。∂)except it goes super dark to super light, all natural too! 
                              Mainly because my dad had blonde hair and my mum had black
ur not speacial honey-
                              might be special-
                              but speacial? nawww
I have a friend with the same eye color except its a mixture of Grey, green and blue and the fact that he doesn't know I exist...
Kat_Devious Kat_Devious Oct 18, 2016
Wow I can just seeing her saying. 
                              "I hate your dad. Yep that's right Shikaku I'm looking at you."
162 cm (centimeter)
                              THE DARKEST HOUR BEFORE THE LIGHT
                              (Comment if you know what song is this lol)