The Black Hearts (TMI / Shadowhunters Fanfic) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

The Black Hearts (TMI / Shadowhunters Fanfic) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

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Lena Rodriguez By LenaTheNerd Updated Sep 12, 2017


"Hope makes everyone dangerous." _________________________________________

Clary and Jace were star-crossed lovers. Each was loyal to the other to the ends of the Earth. At least, so they thought. So the world thought. When Clary finds Jace making love to another girl, she doesn't stick around for any explanation. She leaves New York, Isabelle following in her footsteps.

 Five years later, the girls are back. However, they're not alone. A strange group comes to New York with a mission, that Jace and Alec are determined to reveal. The girls' company is not the only thing that has changed. The Lightwood family will come to find that the Clary that they had known those years ago may have disappeared, completely. Replaced by cold warrior with her own agenda, the dorky Clary Fairchild might be gone forever. Changed and twisted into the Clarissa with a Black Heart.


NOTICE: The previous completed version of this story has been deleted, and if you have not read this since before FEBRUARY 20 2017, you have not read this, yet.

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Hermiones_twin Hermiones_twin Jul 02, 2016
Apply cold ice packs with Clary's face and broken hearts on them
AnaAri3 AnaAri3 Jan 13, 2015
Hahahahaha someone really got burned, goooo clary. We must go there and give him some free ice packets with clary's picture on. Hahahahaha just to remind him what a jerk he is.
luce_sunshine_ luce_sunshine_ Nov 30, 2014
I cannot see myself hating this story. LET THE READING BEGIN!
Shud_Up Shud_Up Oct 05, 2014
The only thing is.... Valentine never cheated on Jocelyn he truly did love her well I'm 95% sure of that but other then that it's true lol! XD
AggressivelyIntended AggressivelyIntended Aug 26, 2014
Just by u saying this I can already tell I'm going to love this