I'm Mute (Again) After I've Screamed For Too Long

I'm Mute (Again) After I've Screamed For Too Long

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Alpha Goose By kmlara1221 Updated May 13

"Streams of hot gold lay like confetti on the frosting of my labor" ~Alpha 

"The screams began before I even made it past the stupid security check, but I'm too high on gunpowder to notice" ~Alpha
This is the follow up to my previous poem book, "I Scream When I'm Mute".

Hopefully, it will be better then the past one. I will try my best to update a bit more frequently (at least every weekend); if not, whenever I DO update, I will post several instead of just one. 

If all else fails, I'll just update whenever I feel inspiration. 
Or...when I'm demanded.
Everything belongs to me (unless told otherwise), so no distribution or use without my permission! 

I have a computer and a willing hand just itching to report someone!

Other than that, good day!

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