Reaping the Whirlwind

Reaping the Whirlwind

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Amy By RunawayMarbles Updated Feb 18, 2011

Threat of nuclear war. A man claiming to be Jesus. Sacrifice. Fear. Welcome to 2064 and a desperate country turning to a cardboard hope. 

USA, 2035: Out of the panic of a country threatened by nuclear war rises a religious leader claiming to be Jesus. God, he says, will be on their side. However, God demands sacrifice. And the sacrifices come, increasing in size and ceremony, until, by the 2060s, human offerings something nobody questions. 

2067: Eden Emmerson made it as far as the sacrificial temple before she escaped at age eleven. Now, four years later, she finds herself at the center of a revolution consisting of twelve atheists and the Granddaughter of God. And slowly, they are able to piece together the truth. But how do you convince a nation full of fear that they're wrong? It's been thirty years and they're still safe. So the sacrifices must be working...

aanaleigh aanaleigh Feb 18, 2011
I just wasted away half my history class reading this entire thing. Though, even if I had wanted to do my work, I don't think I could have stopped.
                              This is amazing. I saw your post on Veritaville, and of course, my curiousity got the better of me.
tianajade tianajade Feb 18, 2011
A good read. I only read a few pages, and I liked what I read. I like some of your descriptions. A few grammar and punctuation errors here and there that need fixing; just read through it and fix those up. I like the story line, it's something different and interesting (: Great job, keep writing!
Keara_Christine Keara_Christine Feb 18, 2011
I read the first page and added it to my library! :D That's absolutely magnificent, even though I don't have enough time to read 17 pages. :(