Bad Girl

Bad Girl

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Mayaaa By Mzromancegirl Updated Oct 15

Alva is someone no one could forget, maybe it was her looks or her talents in a dark world she lived in. She had grown up from a bad past and seems to avoid it, but everyone has there secrets, she had amazing talents, like racing and dealing, but who knew she past would catch up with her.

  So what happens when three people fall in love with the dangerous raven haired girl, can they earn there never-ending love and long lasting desire from her.

 Jackie Alburns-King Of Nerds

  Soren Dean-Bad Boy

  Nathaniel Mills- The Player

  Could these three boys make the bad girl fall in love?

ReenRix ReenRix Oct 09
Nice intro and foreword... damn u really hook me up badly with ur this story...
IM AMAGINING ANDY BIERSACK ANYONE ELSE ?!?!? Somone agree wit meh plz-_-
@ReenRix Gurl! I am sooooo jelly! That man is fine as potatoes! But I am happy for them! P.S I really am bad with writing stories.
ddaayyddrreeaamm ddaayyddrreeaamm Jul 21, 2015
Omfg so excited to read it sounds really original and interesting keep going please!!!
COURTNEY3081 COURTNEY3081 Dec 28, 2014
when are you going to start the story, are you going to do the three boys pov when they see her