Guilted: Wars Against The Past ✔

Guilted: Wars Against The Past ✔

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The things I knew that were once unethical, were bound to be saintly.

The dreams I dreamt once upon a time, seemed to be an epitome of nightmares.

The heart I thought I stole long ago, always belonged to someone else.

The crimes I have committed all my life, became a handful of lessons that I ought to learn.
The world I looked up to once, became a mortal enemy of mine. 

The family I thought would disown me, fought my battles for me. 

The life I never imagined I'd live, sadly it became a life I'd rather live than die.
Lastly, the guilt I carried in me for the each and every second of my living, was a poison spreading and gradually banishing everything around me.   

Clearly, I was bounded by the past!

Never have I imagined for the galaxy of guilt in me to steadily transform into a matter of great; Love.

No, it wasn't for my dead sister,

or for the woman I once claimed to love,

or for my money-grubbing father,

or even for the woman who was destined for me.

Majestically, it was for Someone who I never ever thought it would be for; My Maker. 

Well, it's mind-blowing how the ugliest of matters bring out the most beautiful of articles!

° ° °

-Guilt is a gift from Allah, warning you that what you are doing is violating your soul.-

Started: 22/12/2017,  7:15 pm. 

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