Unsteady » Marcus Volturi

Unsteady » Marcus Volturi

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❝You like me, sunshine. Admit it.❞

❝I think my feelings for you go a bit deeper than that, Olivia.❞

❝Even better.❞

Olivia Wilde didn't have the easiest life, and that definitely translated over to her immortal life as well. But when she's recruited to help take down Aro-while also kicking the powers of vampires down a few notches-she definitely didn't expect to have such strong feelings for a certain quiet and solemn Volturi leader.

[the vampire diaries + twilight crossover]

Zirealic Zirealic Aug 14
Question. Do I have to watch the vampire diaries to read this? I have a brief understanding of what goes on during the show, I just don't watch it.
Oh thank God I thought he was gonna be an old fûcker or something and I was v v hesitant to read this but now I know he's not gonna be in glad and I can't wait