The Lost Family [Harry Potter]

The Lost Family [Harry Potter]

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Life isn't fair. Lily Potter knew this. She knew it the moment she lost a bet to James. She knew it the moment when James's parents died. She knew it when she lost countless friends to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. She knew it when Dumbledore said that her son might be the one prophesied in the newest prophesy. And she knew it when she lost her son.

But she had hoped that moving to America would have helped her. It did. For a good fourteen years, as she raised her children along side James. And it was fine, they were content.

Harry Potter has been an orphan for fourteen years. Seeing people loose their lives for a cause they believe in. Seeing them die to Voldemort. All that pain. . .

But alas, sometimes, life has other plans. Sometimes life decides to give people a second chance.

For example: Uniting A Broken Family

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I don't really like that he says 'Always'. It always seemed like it was Snapes' special word for Lily. But it's fine.
Don't mean to nitpick, but there's a typo in the title of the last chapter. :) Good luck and keep it up!
I'm just thinking.... If they get the Daily Prophet they would know Harry is alive....
No don't come, it's a terrible country, save yourself while you can
Well, if Trump becomes president it'll sound a whole hell of a lot worse.
brookemaddox- brookemaddox- Oct 08, 2015
Why he grinning after his baby just died like two hours ago james what the hell