A New Life

A New Life

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Zain11-2001 By Zain11-2001 Updated Jan 12

Join Zain as He changes into a girl. One Day Zain saves a man in a Nuclear reactor failure and is effected differently by the radiations causing his male body to become a female body. What challenges await for his new life? How will others behave around him? And how will He live his remaining life as a girl?

I don't know how radiations effect the body and I don't know how can it get stuck somewhere so that is why it is a science fiction story.

I don't own any of the pictures shown in this story

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NaokiSuzuki NaokiSuzuki Jan 09, 2018
The chapter is great however there are some scenes that don’t make much sense. I feel like any normal person would be freaked out and scared if they were going to die and nobody would walk into a dangerous situation on purpose, the police also wouldn’t let a random civilian risk
Zain11-2001 Zain11-2001 Jan 16, 2018
Well, I'm sorry but English is not my native language, if you can correct whatever mistake you find the I would really appreciate it!