The Girl and the Murderer (Deathnote Fan-Fiction, on an indefinite hiatus)

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Raven, Ruvaak or Boris :3 By Ravensnake Updated 3 years ago
Raven aka Snake, just your average Wammys' house girl. 16, average and in the possesion of a Deathnote. When the Kira case begins she begins to suspect that the killer is also in possesion of a Deathnote and trys to seek out the mysterious murderer. But when one of her classmates starts making suspicious phonecalls and dissapearing in the middle of the night to visit an orange haired stranger will Raven find the killer she is looking for? And will she be able to make the ultimate prevaillance of justice and kill the man who has killed so many? A Deathnote fan-fiction by Ravensnake :3
    This is likely to not be finished ever sorry :/ just I got super out of writing and now I don't know how I will ever finish this...
Commenting elsewhere is just too mainstream *hipster awkward stand because dancing is too mainstream*
:D  I like it! hmm, makes me want to write one... nah I've got too much to write already :P