The Road To A Warrior (Book 1)

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xSlytherinHeartx By xSlytherinHeartx Completed
Fuzzy is a young rogue kit. She suffers a great loss and joins LightClan as Fuzzykit. She soon becomes Fuzzypelt. But when the clans are in need of the help from the prophecised cat- herself, will she have the courage and wit to save them? Can she protect the clan that sheltered her since her tragedy? And will she fall for a cat who has been aiming for her since she came into the clan? There's only one way to find out. Click the "Start Reading" button! :3
Great story with adorable kit but alot of repeated words in one sentence.  Sorry if im sounding rude I just thought I could help
its really good but when it says "she kitted her kits" you shoud say "she kitted them"
Love love love it!
                                    Btw....Erin Hunter is not a real person, you probably know that but just in case.....
I have every book including bluestars prophecy, crookedstars promise, etc(super editions)
i have the first 3 of the first series, all 6 of the 2nd, the first three of the third, and the first book of the 4th series
I love you storys but u shoud add like the first stuff like the clans and the warriors in the clan like erin