Thea Carter appeared to be just your average teenage girl. She had beautiful, long, red hair and bright blue eyes, and looked as if she was as innocent as could be. No one ever would have suspected her to be a trained agent. At 19, she was a full-fledged, fully trained spy, and she was good at it. When she is given the option of taking on her most challenging mission yet, getting into the mind of New York senator, Jacob Wilson, she jumps. But when she meets the Senator's son, Thomas, will her heart force her to give up her life of lies, or will she give up love to stay in her lifestyle?

Currently working on re-writing and improving. Follow me, and stay tuned for exciting updates!

  • agency
  • agents
  • deceit
  • deception
  • love
  • lying
  • relationship
  • spies
  • spy
  • teenagers
It’s great! Some background info would’ve been nice, but maybe they’ll come up later on. 🙂
Imperalqueen Imperalqueen May 18, 2016
Skimmed through you should make chaps longer and it would get u more readers
Devil_Is_My_Anagram Devil_Is_My_Anagram Nov 07, 2016
You got through the hole thing without too much fuss, nice! 😊
the-true-reader the-true-reader Apr 21, 2014
So far so good! It's only the first chapter I've read, but maybe make the chapters a little longer if you haven't been already. Great story idea, Jenn:)
LeopardPearl LeopardPearl Mar 23, 2014
i love it!!
                              ur are tallented !!!
                              just so u know i love ally carter books about teenagers spies and thieves
                              this is looking up to be a good story!!
GetPlanning GetPlanning Aug 04
I kinda saw Dora and right away had the Dora theme song playing in my head....