Pregnant With My Vampire Boyfriends Baby   --- Book 1: The Begining

Pregnant With My Vampire Boyfriends Baby --- Book 1: The Begining

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Keara By CupCakes148 Updated Dec 28, 2012

What would you do if:   A. you and your boyfriend lived in a family full of vampires.  B. your boyfriend is changing into one over a period of time. C. you got pregnant along the way. Hazel and Kyle have known each other since they were babies, they grew up together, and were basically family. When Hazel gets pregnant with Kyle's baby, everything that could possibly go wrong, well, Does.  Will Hazel's parents ever find out? Or does Hazel do something way worse?  Also, what is Kyle hiding from Hazel? Something huge that could change her life... or end it. Will his jealousy be the death of everyone? Is Kyle really the good guy...

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MLAlmodiel MLAlmodiel Nov 04
The plot of the story is good.  But there are too many errors in the first chapters I cant keep on reading like this.
I thought that said skirt not shirt getting wetter am like damn she getting hot in that way if y'all know what I mean 😏
ChristenYalda ChristenYalda 5 days ago
Dude what is this. All fo her siblings just randomly die? No offense but I find this to be totally unrealistic