Ever's Folktales

Ever's Folktales

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EverJackson By EverJackson Updated May 22, 2014

Where do people find hope? Most might say we find it deep in our hearts or in the comfort of another's presence. My mama told me that hope comes from somewhere else. A real place. A place known as Hopitopia.

      Now Hopitopia isn't just your average land. To find Hopitopia you have to follow the rainbow first. Many say it's not possible, but most have never attempted. Yes, rainbows are just a trick of the light but with a touch of magic. If you follow a rainbow to it's end, you'll find a leprechaun.

     But this isn't a leprechaun with a pot of gold, now that's just silly. The price he requires to take you over the rainbow is a hug. Just a simple hug, but you must give it to the right leprechaun, for there are two leprechauns, not one. There will be a grouchy and negative one, and a happy and positive one. If you give the grouchy one a hug, he will kick you all the way to the Sun and beyond.

        Choose the right leprechaun and he shall be forever grateful for your act of kind...

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