My Niqab Story

My Niqab Story

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Farah Muqarab By FarahMuqarab7 Updated May 27

"The deeper you are in the dark, the more desire you feel to be in the light and the more you are familiar with the light, the more efficiently you'll embrace it."
0% Fiction
35% Humour
100% My own memoir

This story enlightens my journey to the right path, path on which tranquility resides, diversity ignores, happiness guards and misery loaths.

I was born in a Muslim family but unfortunately, my family decided it was better for me to become a school going robot than a splendid Muslim. But Alhamdulillah, Allah guided me anyway and through this memoir I want to play my part in encouraging others to catch the bus to this mind-blowing road trip, where despite the ups and downs, you're granted this unwaning peace.

Nahh, no one will copy my memoir anyway so......

This is not a story containing conversations and twisted plots, it's just my story, my autobiography. I'll try to write it in the most fun and enjoyable way possible.

"Please keep writing, it's amazing to read about all these beautiful changes :,)" 

"This is so empowering! Love it, please continue..." -MahamZia

"Loved your book.....inspired me to write a book myself." -luna_Amber24

"Jazakallahu Khairan for being such an inspiration!" -aliyanaz7

"The story you wrote is not your biography, its my autobiography." -laraibkhan11

"This is so good MA" -thisgrilmaha

"This is an amazing story" -amalkhan807

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No you are not boring lovely sister. I luv non fictionals!
                              So that i feel it!🌹
WE are not born good Muslims, we learn how to be one along the way
amalkhan807 amalkhan807 Jan 10
I already am hooked
                              Want to know what happened to youre friend
miss_pearlz miss_pearlz Jan 12
Now i am really curious ....wanna knw wat happened yo ur fren ....And No (ur not a boring writer)
amalkhan807 amalkhan807 Jan 10
In Sha Allah
                              It will be an amazing book :)
                              The title says it all