TIME | BTS {crime} ✓

TIME | BTS {crime} ✓

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vi By jimindigo Updated Oct 09, 2018

'D-Don't move...', the young boy said.

Jimin placed his hands in the air, slowly inching towards him.

'I SAID DON'T MOVE!', he shrieked, tearing up.

'We don't want to hurt you. Just drop the gun...', Jimin said at gunpoint.

'WHO THE HELL HAS A GUN?', RM freaked out.

'The cops are there, get out!', Yoongi said.

'I'm waiting at the back entrance. We need to move!', Seokjin said as he sat in his car watching the siren lights approach them.

Jimin was stressing out. He took a daring step forward, which he shouldn't have.

'JIMIN!', Jungkook yelled as Jimin saw flashes in front of him.

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