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My Best friend is my mate and he rejected me

My Best friend is my mate and he rejected me

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JsReadings By JsReadings Updated 6 days ago

Do you know what it feels like to be hated by the people you call family?  Do you know how much it hurts to be rejected by the one person that is supposed to love you forever?? Well if not then you should know that it makes you feel like shit. Welcome to Destiny's world. She has been treated terribly ever since the day her parents died. Everyone in her pack hates her even her own brother makes fun of her, and when she finds out that her best friend who is also future alpha is her mate she was ecstatic. Thinking that she would be treated with more respect than ever. But her wishes did not come true because as soon as he found out he rejected her and humiliated her in front of the whole pack. Destiny finally couldn’t take it anymore so she decides that its best to leave and promises herself that she will never return to her old pack, that’s until 4 years later where she and her new pack have to join her old pack to fight in a great war, but Destiny is different now, She is outspoken and  incredibly sexy but most of all she is a complete BADASS. Will destiny forgive and forget everyone in her pack that did her wrong or will she stay mate less and beat everyone that did her wrong to a pulp. Guess you got to read to find out.....................

lmaomofo lmaomofo Mar 28
This pack is amazing. First they blame a defenceless CHILD for the death of two fully shifted wolves. And then they bully said child as if the girl isn't going through enough grief already.
Ceil324 Ceil324 Jan 02
And let me guess you are gonna come back a couple years later and be like oh I'm totally gonna make him regret rejecting me and then you will forgive him because he did nothing and he loves you
Slushi123 Slushi123 Mar 01, 2016
This story is do good so far There are a lot pf stories like this but yours has a unique twist that I love
Sin4You Sin4You Jan 26, 2016
im sorry if this sounds mean but really shes the naivest person i have ever read about. cuz what best friend does that.
                              but i still love the book and her supposed best friend is an ass. i forgot his name and i dont like him enough to go back and see what it is
danilau35 danilau35 Nov 20, 2015
What the heck isnt jack suppose to be like her best friend or something like wtf
Am I the only one wondering why he is her best friend he is a dick to her like OMF